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Embracing Winter

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

As the days get shorter and cooler, even the best of us may feel a little despondent or frustrated with the effects of the seasonal elements. The ‘winter blues’ can be characterised by a lack of motivation, low energy and even mild depression in some people.

Don’t worry, be happy! the song says - there are many ways to support yourself, family and friends through winter. However, some effort is required to promote a healthy

attitude towards being physically and mentally well over the winter months. A few common-sense actions can help to maintain your mood, such as regular exercise, eating a healthy diet and getting adequate quality sleep.

There are other actions you can take to benefit you both physiologically and mentally. Being active outside will get you vitamin D from sunshine, a vital ingredient to immune health. Avoid high volumes of alcohol, especially binge drinking, as this severely suppresses physical function. As with all indulgences, moderation is key to good health.

Nurturing the mind, body and soul together will always produce the best results. So, how could the mind and soul be supported? So often I hear clients being critical of

themselves, judging what they have or have not achieved. Perhaps you started the new year with goals or aspirations for 2017. This halfway point offers an opportunity to review these goals, without judgement. If you would like to create new goals now, you can start from here. There is no limit or rule as to when a path to change can be made! With any goals, ensure you approach them with flexibility and self-compassion.

Embrace the Winter season by looking for all the positive activities that can be enjoyed. Before you know it, Spring will be around the corner. You’ll have made it through and will be ready to bloom.


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