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How does reflexology assist new parents?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Being a new parent can be overwhelming at first, with so many changes coming from all directions. Your new reality can feel very different than what was anticipated. And yet potentially, just perfect too.

Listening to couples in the clinic talk about their first 12 months reminds me of mine, with our daughter. Making sure were doing everything right while trying to maintain functional work and social lives was exhausting - it was the mid 80’s after all. It seems expectations haven’t changed much since then, but perhaps awareness has.

Though the modern world of online mother’s groups, parenting social media, and specialist support services may offer that much needed valid encouragement, the real tangibility of self-care cannot be substituted when it comes to personal coping tools and not feeling selfish in putting your needs first. In fact, if we all had this self-awareness, I believe our levels of stress would be much lower, resulting in an overall calmer society.

An holistic natural therapy such as reflexology is an ideal choice to start your self-care path with, whether as part of an integrative de-stress program, or by itself. The positive gains for your body, mind and emotional self acts as a vessel of resilience to draw on when needed, particularly when parenting duties become challenging. For example, couples sharing multi-session packages tell me it genuinely offers the dual benefits of incentive to feel well for each other and their families, as well as offering great value.

As a foundation therapy, reflexology works on all body systems, bringing balance and function to the whole self. Influencing better digestion, sleep, circulation, hormonal, and mental clarity. Its non-invasive application supports a relaxing and meditative experience with a lasting effect. Calm parents often influence calm children, a win for all!

Reflex 2 Health has 18 years of couples stories and knows there is no one outcome for every parent individually or as couples. What does matter is focusing support towards each other and communicating empathetically, through all the twists and turns of parenthood and family life. Happy, balanced and well parents keep the family wheels steadily on the road - Happy Trails!


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