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Spring is nature's creation season - is that the same for modern couples?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

‘The birds and the bees’ is such a quaint way to explain natural human reproduction. In a simplified way, it alludes to nature, spring, and reproduction. However, it seems that for a growing number of modern couples that it’s not their lived experience, and their efforts to fall pregnant are not simple or easy.

The pace of modern life, with all its distractions, demands and time constraints, has impacted on general health, as well as emotional wellness. Both of these elements are important ingredients in whether intimacy comes naturally or is being forced. When couples are stressed in their everyday lives, or are stressing about fertility, the more difficult it becomes to actually fall pregnant.

Stress reduction and optimal reproductive health are mutually inclusive. Strategies such as lifestyle changes, exercise, nutrition and quality sleep help to reduce stress and improve general wellbeing. Reflexology helps to support an holistic approach to health, stress reduction and fertility. Specifically, reflexology can help with:

  • Stress and anxiety management by improving sleep and mood balance

  • Supports reproductive organ health (women & men)

  • Hormonal balance to improve ovulation cycle and sperm motility (healthy swimmers)

  • Improves circulation of blood and lymphatics

  • Improves digestive processes for nutrient assimilation (dietary effectiveness)

  • Immune system boosting, managing general body tissue inflammation

Reflexology is also a very helpful therapy for pregnancy symptom relief and in aiding natural laboured birth and post birth recovery.

In order to address fertility effectively, we need to focus on both men and women equally. Previously, a lot of fertility responsibility has been loaded on women, which is actually counter-productive to maximising a positive result.

A multi-treatment program approach to fertility would be most beneficial. Reflex 2 Heath has a range of value packs that can be purchased and used between a couple. Our Six or Ten Session Heath & Wellbeing Value Pack allows both partners to enjoy 3 or 5 sessions each, while providing real value compared to single session pricing. If you would like to purchase a value pack, you view the available options here.


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