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Supporting ability, not disability

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

As a person living with a disability (I’m legally blind), it’s been wonderful to watch the evolution in language over the past decade surrounding disability. The change in focus from the ‘dis-’ to the ‘ability’ has been empowering – not just for those living with a disability, but also for their families and communities. This positive shift celebrates the value of every human being.

For me, the practice of reflexology as a bodywork therapy allows my touch, a greatly underutilised sense, to enhance my physical world. The human body has a wonderful ability to adapt, and often when one sense is taken away, the others are heightened. I have always decided to not allow my limitations to impact any more than is necessary. In fact, I believe my bodywork skills have been enhanced by my disability!

Over the past Twenty years of delivering therapeutic reflexology, I have had clients with a range of unique abilities. The wonderful news is that there is always the same clinic result: relaxation. No matter their situation, therapeutic reflexology touch invites relaxation. The treatment approach is, and has always been, helping all the body systems to function well and to support the individual to feel good. Don’t we all want that?

Yes, disability can often require a huge individual struggle, but with strength and determination from the individual and their families, plus the assistance of support teams and programs, individuals can live incredible lives to their full potential.

The truth is, there’s nothing ‘wrong’ or to be ‘fixed’ for anyone - each individual, regardless of their ability, just has a unique human experience. It’s up to our society to understand, accept and include all, if we are to hope that a meaningful equality will be reached.

I believe there is nothing more awesome than being who I am, and being on the path I’m on. How others relate to me is not my stuff - it’s theirs. I’m here to demonstrate what’s possible.


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