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Calling Time on Clinic Days

This past 22 years has meant so many things to me. And throughout these years, Reflexology has been a constant; a unique therapy that has the ability to impact and transform lives. I’ve seen this first-hand.

However, for me the time has come to reprioritise and redirect my focus to family and myself. As a grandfather to two special grandchildren, and with the recent passing of my parents, I have been reflecting on all that I have achieved and imagining what might lie ahead.

To this end, I have decided to close the clinic as of 30th June 2024.

I know for many, this might come as a bit of a shock. It does feel like the timing is right though, and I have many things to keep me busy.

I will keep you all updated as I progress towards mid next year. In the meantime, I have some more information in the article below, and I will continue to support and offer the quality clinic services you have come expect. Gift Vouchers are now no longer available, but value packs and online bookings will remain active until the end of June 2024.

I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to you all, and especially to some of ‘my biggest fans’. I have been very lucky to have a lot of long-standing clients, some of whom have been seeing me for almost the whole 22 years! I look forward to seeing you in the clinic over the next 10 months.

“It’s not retirement, it’s reprioritising”

What Happens Next?

“Oh no, you’re retiring! What will I do then?”

Since announcing that I am retiring and closing the Reflex 2 Health clinic from July 2024, I have been fielding lots of questions! Current clients are asking – ‘Are you training replacement therapists with the techniques and therapy approach I have come to rely on?' and ‘Where will I go to get your style of reflexology?’

It’s only natural that clients are questioning how this closure will impact their health and wellbeing. Whilst change is inevitable, I would like to be able to help clients though this change, and make sure their ongoing needs are met by wonderful new therapists.

Reflex 2 Health has an excellent existing referral network, and I have already initiated discussions with some therapists that are open to continuing my style of treatment.

The goal for me is to have many Sydney-based (and eventually, Australia wide and beyond!) reflexology therapists trained in Reflex 2 Health’s unique therapy techniques.

This includes Structural Release Technique (SRT), which is step 1 in a current 2-step R2H clinic session plan.

I plan to achieve this goal with the help of the NSW Chairperson and others within the Reflexology Association of Australia. My hope is that this unique training will offer present and future clients a cohort of newly trained reflexology therapists continuing these effective session techniques and client outcomes.

It’s a simple formula to achieving great session results - Reflexology in the hands of a experienced and caring therapist!

In the meantime, the Reflex 2 Health clinic will continue to support its many clients through their health issues, and will be doing so right up to July 2024.

As I have said to all clients - my care extends beyond the clinic and I consider this an integral part of my service and commitment to you.

No need to panic – it’s all good!


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