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Simple Steps Towards Healthy Habits

We all develop our own habits and routines to get us through the day. However, every now and then is it worth re-evaluating these automatic habits. Are these the best habits for us? Or are they just convenient ones?

Re-evaluating how well your habits and routines are serving you does not have to be a daunting task. Often, a simple change in mindset is all that is required to change your habits and potentially change your life!

As the year rolls along and the daily grind takes over, it can feel like you’re running on automatic. This usually means relying on what has worked for you in the past. When repeated, these past experiences and habits are reinforced, and provide a sense of comfort. If your default is a ‘set and forget’ approach, perhaps consider if a change would produce better results?

Being present and reviewing your needs now is an important action. With your life evolving and changing, your needs may look very different to even just a year ago.

Here’s a thoughtful quote to reflect on:

“Better is possible. It does not take genius. It takes diligence. It takes moral clarity. It takes ingenuity. And above all, it takes a willingness to try.”

This means that telling yourself that you do have the time and ability to make change and form healthy habits is the first step to making it happen. How would you feel if you shifted your mindset to thinking it's okay to be ‘busy’ and that it won't stop you reaching your goals?

In fact, being ‘busy’ and having a full life is not the barrier we sometimes think it is! The shift in attitude combined with a willingness to choose better outcomes shifts your wellbeing meter into the positive range. That's what I decided to do in my own life.

The power of self-talk (internal dialog) is truly underestimated. It’s a widely utilised tool in many professions and is not that dissimilar to ‘positive thinking’ or ‘mindful thinking’. It relies on a clear statement of intention to self that supports a change in the way one thinks about a choice made with a specific result in mind. By repeating this intention, and supported by action over a continuous period (around 21 days), you can change your habits and routines to better, more supportive ones that add to your overall wellbeing.

Integrating healthy mental choices with healthy physical actions amplifies and sustains the mindful intentions. Adopting healthy eating, physical movement, and therapies like holistic reflexology and others, provides a supportive structure to reach desired outcomes. You will be surprised at the domino effect simply changing your mindset might have!

I continue to stress this point: a holistic approach is a far superior path than a single strategy on its own. In the clinic, I talk a lot about where clients are on their ‘to do list’ (you can read my previous blog article on this topic here) or the ‘rewards of good choices’. I’m hopeful these messages take hold for positive change!

For some, it can be a big first step to changing how you feel about the current path you’re on and deciding you need to make a change. However, the next step towards healthy habits is only a ‘change in mindset’.


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