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Family wellness - why reflexology works

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

With a growing number of health issues affecting people today, clients are wanting a more holistic approach to managing their own health, as well as the overall health and wellness of their family members. And it's not just physical health issues that people have to manage - the growing pressure with long work commitments mean that juggling work, mental wellbeing and family time can be difficult.

There are huge health benefits when clients combine general medical practice (GP) with traditional and complementary therapies (such as naturopathy, osteopathy, acupuncture and holistic reflexology). 

Here at Reflex 2 Health, we place importance on self-help and in providing information tools as a resource to families wanting to look after each other and maintain a healthy family lifestyle. Reflexology is a fabulous therapy that can be enjoyed in-clinic, or that can be used at home if you're brave enough to try it out on your loved ones! Massaging someone else's feet is a simple luxury that promotes interconnectedness that anyone (children, teenagers, adults, grandparents) can do at any time.

Reflexology's non-invasive approach still treats the individual’s health needs holistically and effectively. Enjoying regular family reflexology sessions boosts your body’s ability to help heal itself and positively influences it's homeostatic balance.


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