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Is poor posture making you sick?

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Let me explain! The Reflex 2 Health approach to health wellness is holistic.

A primary component in applying this is an initial structural alignment assessment to confirm any potential underlying skeletal issues that may be adversely impacting the body and to provide insights towards formulating an individual treatment plan. A common first observation is where ‘structural alignment’ (or actually, misalignment) is present and impacting physical posture, bio-mechanics, balance and physiological tension more generally.

The below diagram illustrates clearly the preferred skeletal postural alignment in comparison to several examples of poor posture. Ideally, providing full tension release would alleviate significant adverse health effects and impact on bio-mechanical efficiency. When observing people in general (not just clients), a noticeable broad number of people in the community are impacted by postural misalignment.

Many other health issues are in part (or fully) impacted by how the body performs bio-mechanically and to what extent the Compression Effect, as I refer to this, has on an individual’s homeostasis (or the body’s functional balance). The SRT (Structural Release Technique) approach, developed specifically for clients at Reflex 2 Health, has proven itself over the past ten (10) years to have a multi-layered effect that not only targets the direct issue but also impacts on the whole physical body, mentally and emotionally, with reduced tension and improved circulation.

By focusing on specific reflex points that directly and indirectly relate to the pelvis and shoulder areas of the body, a ‘decompression effect’ of body tension establishes a new level of balance (homeostasis) to which the body positively responds. The release of other potential impacts like stress, clarity of thought (anxiety), quality of sleep or simply breathing more freely are enabled.

Interestingly, age doesn’t discriminate against presenting with a structural misalignment. Babies (around twelve months old), young children, upwards to adults / seniors and all body types reveal some form of misalignment and respond equally to release, in my experience.

It’s important to offer the maximum benefit possible from each treatment. Through applying this unique SRT approach a number of superior results with minimum effort are achieved. Please refer to SRT In Focus for more information and to take ‘A step in the right direction with reflexology’.


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