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Life balance 101

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Equal time with family & personal pursuits + equal time for work = Balance in Life. Simple! Right?

It’s allusive to obtain, because there is no balance without making deliberate choices in prioritising your time around what’s important to you, and these priorities are ever changing. Managing the effective personal or collective family stress attributed to decisions is key, because a problem shared is a problem halved. However, other factors play a role in how we individually find balance in life. These include environmental (work / home), pressures of work / family (individually and combined) and individual physiological resilience.

Being in a supportive and organised environment calms the mind. De-cluttering or bringing order to chaos is an important principle to Feng Shui. Harmony in your space reflects how your mind perceives the world. This does not have to be a time-consuming task! Perhaps spend just 15 minutes each day tidying one area of your house, or spend 2 minutes making your bed in the morning. If you have kids, get them involved and make it a game! For more help, connect with Grace Niu at Feng Shui Serenity - or watch Marie Kondo’s series Tidying Up on Netflix.

Looking at personal resilience itself means asking yourself: how well do you cope with stress? This varies over time, and depending on what’s happening in your life right now you might consider yourself incredibly resilient or not very resilient. The important thing to remember is: you’re not alone. Take proactive measures to build your resilience by nurturing yourself with walks in nature, meditation, yoga or reflexology. These activities go a long way in helping.

Perhaps you can re-assess the amount you have on your plate. Are there commitments you can say no to? Is there someone you could ask for support? There is no ‘simple’ answer to resilience, but if you work on your individual resilience, you, and those close to you, will soon see the benefits. 

Could you ask your boss for more flexible work hours or working a day from home? This can be scary, but mangers and bosses are there to help you be the most productive possible.

By taking action in these areas, you automatically address how the pressures of work and family impact you. Make sure you keep communication between your loved ones open – check in and ask how they are going and share how you feel. And lastly, remind yourself each day that you are doing your best!


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