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Reflexology's role in natural laboured births

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Pregnancy can be very overwhelming, especially for first time mothers. With the weight of deadlines, potential medical interventions, ongoing nausea, physical discomfort/pain and the personal fatigue factor, mothers and families need to ensure they have proper support and care during and post pregnancy. Being able to provide reflexology therapy sessions during this time is one of the most personally rewarding in-clinic experiences, as I see the positive impact first-hand.

It is important to offer expectant mothers choice, and the option for a collaborative approach between traditional medicine and natural therapies. Natural therapies, such as reflexology, often provide unique benefits that can positively improve specific pregnancy issues as well as overall birthing outcomes, without being invasive. It is very encouraging to have midwives and some obstetricians at major hospitals recognise the positive impact that natural therapies can have during pregnancy.

Reflexology is a gentle, supportive and active therapy. It provides immediate relief and relaxation, whilst also providing important therapeutic benefits. By targeting issues directly and alleviating physical sensation and intensity, we can encourage the body and mind to allow comfort, rather than discomfort, to be normal.

Each stage of pregnancy (the four trimesters) will present unique issues and symptoms, and each mother will experience these differently. Reflexology is able to treat a wide range of these issues and symptoms – from nausea right through to post natal recovery, depending on each mother’s sense of wellbeing or discomfort. At Reflex 2 Health, each session is approached with a specific health outcome in mind. My many years of experience in maternity reflexology means I know the importance of an individual focused treatment plan and continuity of care that compliments and supports the mainstream medical services.

These are some specific issues that have been treated through an individual focused reflexology treatment plan, in conjunction with a complete pregnancy care program:

  • Fluid retention (ankles, feet, hands)

  • Uterine / placental positioning issues

  • Gestational diabetes assistance (prolong in-uterine development)

  • Positioning baby to engage (from posterior, transverse, breach)

  • Preparation for natural laboured birthing

  • Post-natal / birth recover for the new mother (fourth trimester)

  • Other ongoing nursing or physical ailments

The one significant therapy difference at Reflex 2 Health is our exclusive SRT (Structural Release Technique), which has transformed birthing outcomes for mothers. For more information about this unique technique, read In Focus – Structural Release Technique and Is poor posture making you sick?

If you would like to read some of Reflex 2 Health’s positive feedback from mothers, midwives and other clients, please refer to our Facebook page.


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