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Structural posture alignment starts at your soles

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Many clients come to me with health issues that actually relate back to their structural posture misalignment. The good news is that your feet lay the platform for your overall body posture when you are standing and walking, so reflexology is the perfect way to address this misalignment and help alleviate painful health issues. 

The role of the body’s structure, made up of the skeleton and muscles, is to provide strength and movement, and to support the body being upright. However, this all starts at the feet, as they are the first point of contact with the ground and are subjected to the weight of the whole body through gravity. 

In structural posture terms, the crucial observation lays on the central postural line, which determines whether overall distribution of weight is forward or backwards of this centreline (see the linked article’s diagram). With sitting however, the load points are the lumbar and lower abdominal muscles, meaning the upper body (torso, shoulders/arms, head) posture is observed in how the head aligns above the pelvis.  

Postural misalignment can be an underlying issue with a wide range of health issues besides the obvious ones, such as lower back pain, muscle tightness, groin pain, knee, ankle and foot pain. All of these issues can have origins in how efficiently your bio mechanics function. The whole body can be impacted, so must be included as a point of focus with any health issue.      

At Reflex 2 Health, all treatments start with an assessment and structural realignment treatment where required. The linked article explains more about why posture is so important to health and wellbeing. 

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